The Race




A Battle to see who dominates
the Sport of Triathlon

How it works

  • Each team has six men and six women athletes.

    Eight are selected on the international rankings of the Professional Triathletes Organisation.

    The remaining four athletes (two men and two women) will be selected by the team captains. 


  • An athlete from each team, USA, Europe and Internationals, will fight it out against their opponents in an individual race of three.

    Twelve separate races in all,
    staggered ten minutes apart.


  • For each of the twelve races, the winner is awarded 3 points, second place, 2 points and third place, 1 point.

    In addition, athletes will be awarded bonus points of ½ point for every five minute margin by which they beat their opponents in their respective races. A maximum of fifteen minutes margin per race can earn a team a crucial 1½ bonus points.

The team with the most points hoists
The Collins Cup


The team captains for the inaugural
Collins Cup 2018 have now been announced


Simon Whitfield & Erin Baker

Craig Alexander & Lisa Bentley



Dave Scott & Karen Smyers

Normann Stadler & Chrissie Wellington



The Collins Cup was inspired by and named after Judy and John Collins, who 40 years ago were instrumental in establishing the sport of triathlon by inaugurating a long distance event on the idyllic shores of Hawaii, where they were stationed while John was a Commander in the US Navy. Inspired by their recent experience in short distance triathlon in California, they designed a long distance, around-the-island event in Hawaii, by adding a long bicycle leg to existing swimming and running events. The winner was to be considered the best all-round athlete.

Since that fateful day, triathletes, male and female, have established themselves as some of the fittest athletes on the planet. From its earliest days, the competition has included men and women racing the same distance, over the same course, on the same day for equal prize money. This has always been an important principle of the Collins’ and the cornerstone of the philosophy of the Professional Triathletes Organisation.



On the formation of the Collins Cup, John and Judy Collins remarked, “It is quite incredible really. It is hard for us to believe that our endurance event started in Hawaii in the 1970s, with only 15 participants, has now inspired a global spectacle with professional teams from the USA, Europe and the Internationals competing for a trophy named after us. We are humbled and want to thank the Professional Triathletes Organisation for honouring us in this way.”


The Broken Spokes

The team that finishes last will be presented with


The Broken Spoke Trophy

For the next 12 months, that team will own the ignominious title of The Broken Spokes, determined to relinquish the title to an opposing team in the following year’s competition.



The inaugural Collins Cup will be staged in June 2018, over a Saturday and a Sunday.

Saturday Events

Fans, Age-groupers and Pros

Sunday Event

The Collins Cup

On the Saturday there will be a number of traditional triathlon events of varying lengths in which fans, amateur athletes and professionals not otherwise on a Collins Cup team will race. There will be a prize purse for professionals in the Saturday races. The Collins Cup team members will be on site during the Saturday races encouraging fans and participants.

On the Sunday, the professional teams will take to the course and battle for
The Collins Cup.

The prize purse for The Collins Cup will be one of the highest in the sport.

Whether you are an amateur age-grouper, professional, or complete newbie to the glorious sport of Triathlon, we welcome you to come and celebrate the sport together!

Simply fill out the form below to register your interest and allow us to keep you informed.

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The Professional Triathletes Organisation is a not-for-profit entity of professional triathletes who seek to celebrate and promote the sport of triathlon. As host of The Collins Cup it will seek to foster the international good will, comradery and keen competition that is the foundation of all those who do the sport of triathlon.